How Do Writers Identiy Each Other Outside The Wire?


I have found one or two bloggers whose mind-frame is in the same orbit. I know their online identity. But this has made me think; How do writers identify one another in society? I do not mean this in a creepy stalker way. But when you have a social yet reclusive personality, you wonder, how am I going to head-nod a fellow artist If I don’t know who is who?

Maybe we should have a tagging system. Now I am not saying here’s my address, now come and stalk me while I am sleeping. I am thinking something more along the lines of the acid burnt tattoos of ‘Fight Club’. Anytime we are in the buffet line and see a common blogger, we can show off our tattoo like “Yeah! I’ve been to Write-Club too.”  Over-the-top? It might be.

Is this idea good for a laugh? It seems that way. Is it a good plan? No, not very likely. But seriously, the movie was not all that exhilarating itself either, was it?

With that being said, I guess we will all live in anonymity. That is, unless one of us ends up on Dr. Phil explaining how the psychoses began. Ha!

Copyright  © Dustin Poteet