Last Loophole Copyright Policy

This is a special page/post detailing the copyright policy of Last Loophole. Unless otherwise explicitly stated by me, Dustin Poteet, owner of this blog, this post will remain as the sole copyright policy of my blog. [Please also visit Usage Policy and Disclaimer]

Plagiarism is a serious threat, for bloggers like us. While published articles in this blog are all original creations, I have credited all sources of original information and ideas that formed any article in this blog by links.

The Copyright of Last Loophole

All text-based material in this blog is copyrighted to me, as explicitly stated at the bottom of each post. So, any unauthorized recreation of this work will be an act of plagiarism. If you wish to publish any of the post or content from this blog in any other medium you own, you should let me know by email ( You have the permission to republish the content only with due credit to the original post in this blog.

The credit should be given by a Do Follow link back to the original post, with the link anchor text (the link name) that I will provide. Please consult with me through email (as mentioned above) to get the appropriate link anchor. The link should remain as long as the article remains in your medium. Also, please use the following text when giving link back:

For the original article, please visit: <the link>

The above text with link should be present at the bottom of all recreated articles.

You should not put any text or image that misrepresents the original creator of the article. This means, you should not post text like “an article by <your name>,” “Copyright © <your name>” etc., anywhere above or below the article. To avoid this problem, always mention my name clearly with the text:

Copyright © Dustin Poteet

Guest Post Rights

From time to time, interested bloggers may contribute to Last Loophole. All the guest posts on the blog are copyrighted to the respective authors. While, contributions may be retained exclusively within Last Loophole for a brief period of time, any republication of the material should be with the express permission of the original author, with link back to the original author’s website, which can be found on the guest post page itself. For such republication, you may contact either the original author or me for obtaining permission. Though it is not required, I would much appreciate a link to Last Loophole post page for contributed posts.

Image and Video Copyright

All the images, videos, or animations I use in this blog are taken from either various public domains or my own. In the past posts, all the images I have posted are directly linked to the original image pages from the image itself. This link is meant as a credit to the owner of the image file indirectly.  The same rule applies to videos and animations.

Though in my tight schedule, I do not contact the owner of the image before adding it to this blog, I believe a link is sufficient to assert his/her authority. Images are not more financially valuable than text, and that’s why I followed this procedure. If you are the owner of any  of the images you find on this blog and feel that I am violating any rights,  then please convey me your concern (with verifiable proof that you are the  owner of the image), and we will negotiate the possible course of  action.

When republishing articles with images here, you should place the image links to the original image owner as mentioned in the post. All image links should be either directly linked to the owner’s website from the image itself or mentioned in an explicit link credit at the bottom of the article.

Commercial Uses

You are not authorized to use the content for any commercial purposes. However, should you feel the need, make sure you contact me and let me know, so that we can negotiate it further.

Derivative Works

Originally, you are not allowed to create any derivative works based on the work you find in this blog. However, you may contact me, if you feel the need. I will give you the guidelines to follow.

Let’s not copy others’ works and build upon them. Let’s not do plagiarism. Let’s make our original creations, by properly researching and incorporating our fresh ideas, thus giving our readers the best content.


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