What More Do You Want?

I was looking for images for my next post about a dad giving his NAVY SEAL son a hard time about laying around. I searched through a massive amount of photos and did not find one image of a SEAL in bed. I found 1 empty bed photo, 1 empty chair  photo, a bed full of cats, and 1 image of a hot single lady that even the physical  and intellectual elite would wash-up trying to catch. I am talking about ring the bell and D,O.R. (Dropped Upon Request), because this girl is in such a high league you would have to be Captain Suave to have any chance. I guess stick-jockeys in the Air-Force would stand a better chance because they AIM HIGH. But that was in the 90’s. The NAVY SEAL motto is The Only Easy Day Was Yesterday. And my comrade, she is anything but. thCAZ5BYVK

What more do you want ladies?

They are very tidy. untitledifififif9f9f9 They dust almost everything.

They always wash-up before dinner.thCAN24G2T

They travel to interesting places and meet people with different cultures. thCA5RFGPF Well, not completely different.

They are all fond of sailing around the world. thCACX1I36

In fact they always travel in style. thfjididididididjk thhhd7d87d8d8d88

So what is it?



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