PS3 Game Bundle Contest is Officially Over!

Sorry, but contest is over. The winner will be posted as soon as I get permission from them to post the screen-name and find out whether they really care about it. Ha!



Gamma Ray or Marked Day? Weekly Photo Challenge: Unique


I am not absolutely sure of the story behind this picture. I found it on the internet one year ago when there was limitless information about it. Now, I tried to go back to refresh my memory and could not find much of anything.

It was stated as being the largest explosion in the universe ever recorded. It was a billion trillion times worse than the atomic bomb on Japan.

That massive amount of power and the fact that this phenomenon was connected to Israel caught my attention and held it, not something easily done. I believe it had something to do with the anniversary of Israel’s independence. Israel got its independence on May 14, 1948, while the explosion occurred on March 19, 2008. This was nearly 40 years after the original date. The cosmic event has been labeled GRB 080319B or gamma-ray-burst.

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Photo Courtesy of NASA images, Google