Pulled From The Fire Daily Prompt: Burning Down The House

Being ‘On-Fire’ is only a good thing if you are Alicia Keys or Jim and John Harbaugh preparing for Super-Bowl wager of battle. “Somebody’s Burning Down The House” is only something you want to hear in reference to the 1983 Indie Rock hit by Talking Heads.

This was the year I was born and subsequently

I have no plans of dying soon, especially not in a fire. I would grab my most treasured things and then make a mad-dash for the door. That is after I make the worst combination of yelling and banging to make sure anybody else inside is aware of their impending doom.

There are 5 things I would grab.  As a dog-lover, you might think I would grab my dogs. While this might be true, saying so would end the story and they would run out the front door as soon as I opened it anyway. They might be the ones that opened it. But that is a funny story for later.

  1.   My Holy Bible

    My Holy Bible

    My Holy Bible

I got saved at my local Baptist Temple when I was 12 in 1996. As a gift my mother bought me my first Bible. I signed and dated the day I was baptized as well as saved. I had her sign it on the family page. She passed in 2002 7 months after my 18th birthday. Besides being irreplaceable for spiritual reasons, it carries an important time I could never get back.

My mom's writing her name in my Bible where she gave it to me as a gift

My mom’s writing her name in my Bible where she gave it to me as a gift

I have kept this gem by my bed and sometimes by my head for close to 17 years. It started out with ‘Holy Bible’ on the front and my name ‘Dustin Poteet’ directly below embossed in gold. Only traces of that remain as time and limitless use has caused wear and tear. But the words are still spotless on the inside, and not just the signature.

2. My Laptop

I do not hold much value on items of monetary value. But I greatly understand the ability such a thing gives me to try to express my art. At $480, it would be easily replaceable. But, it only weighs a small amount and I could grab it quicker than It takes to blink, seeing I am always on it researching new ways to make the same points.

3. Is it my television? It probably would be something else like my wallet.


My wallet has my Social-Security card. While this is not eminently important, my driver’s license is inside. The last thing I need after being burnt out of home is a traffic ticket for failure to produce a legal permit to drive.  It also helps to have identification and proof of ‘residency’ when applying for a loan to rebuild or purchase a new home.

4. and 5. are after further thought my dogs Bambi and Homer

bambiphone picHomer

While suffering from the first time of being left by a family to roam hopelessly, as for  name Homer, and a serious case of fear of abandonment he probably would not appreciate being abandoned again. Though, homeless would have a new meaning. Of course I have to snatch-up my dog Bambi who would be the first to throw a fit alerting a fire.

This is the list. After further thought it might turn out to be somewhat different. But the essential ranking of valuable things would stay the same. Although the order might change.

Copyright © Dustin Poteet


Writing Prompt # 1: Write About A Calendar


If I created a calendar, it would look a lot like this. It would only have one page.  Every square inch would be filled with those things that are most important to me. The date would not be listed; We are given one day at a time.

It would not contain any images. We are constantly bombarded with news stories and web posts that remind us of every problem this world faces. If I need an image to remind me then I am seriously not living right. These images should be, and sometimes are, written on the pages of my heart.

I would not include any of those faults I have that I need to work on. If I only have today, I surely don’t need to waste it on my personality or how many friends I have on my face-space.

I would include GOD’S will and praying for Israel and Jerusalem. Once again, if I do not wake up with this in my focal-point, I pray for God’s forgiveness. There would be no list of sins I made that day, except maybe a friendly reminder to say:’ GOD forgive Me.’

Of course this is a dream that only exists in my imagination and sleep. If I could totally and completely follow HIS Will, then I would pass this calendar up altogether. In this ‘paradise’ every activity would take no time away from eternity. There would be work, but with a new body to do it. There would be fellowship with no hindrance of malice or guile.

Simply put, this all exists in the new kingdom that is prepared for us. Question is: If tomorrow does not make it, who will be in this heaven today. As I see it, If  we don’t use GOD’S grace and JESUS’ salvation to create paradise around us this day, It will never happen tomorrow.