Writing Prompt # 1: Write About A Calendar


If I created a calendar, it would look a lot like this. It would only have one page.  Every square inch would be filled with those things that are most important to me. The date would not be listed; We are given one day at a time.

It would not contain any images. We are constantly bombarded with news stories and web posts that remind us of every problem this world faces. If I need an image to remind me then I am seriously not living right. These images should be, and sometimes are, written on the pages of my heart.

I would not include any of those faults I have that I need to work on. If I only have today, I surely don’t need to waste it on my personality or how many friends I have on my face-space.

I would include GOD’S will and praying for Israel and Jerusalem. Once again, if I do not wake up with this in my focal-point, I pray for God’s forgiveness. There would be no list of sins I made that day, except maybe a friendly reminder to say:’ GOD forgive Me.’

Of course this is a dream that only exists in my imagination and sleep. If I could totally and completely follow HIS Will, then I would pass this calendar up altogether. In this ‘paradise’ every activity would take no time away from eternity. There would be work, but with a new body to do it. There would be fellowship with no hindrance of malice or guile.

Simply put, this all exists in the new kingdom that is prepared for us. Question is: If tomorrow does not make it, who will be in this heaven today. As I see it, If  we don’t use GOD’S grace and JESUS’ salvation to create paradise around us this day, It will never happen tomorrow.