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Ruff Justice:

A.V.U.: Animal Victims Unit By Dustin D. Poteet

In early December 2012, Dallas County Commissioners Court approved a special unit that will investigate animal cruelty cases. Putting together animal crime units is a growing national trend. A not-for-profit charity is raising money for this unit now that it has the go-ahead. It will take an estimated $200,000 for the first year of complicated cases. Safer Dallas Better Dallas has donated their efforts to raise this amount of money. The Dallas County commissioner and her husband have already thrown $40,000 into the pot. ( To give visit:

There have been many cases that drove the idea of a special unit into actually going into effect. In some counties cases are randomly placed on the prosecutor’s case list. In other towns some have been placed to specific investigators for a time, but are now placed at random. I will talk about this some later.

Of course, I had to put a light-hearted spin on a very serious issue. I apologize beforehand as this is fictional and is to be treated as such. All of these details ahead are fictional composite of actual events. No real names are used, i.e, there is not an actual Dallas-Dade Police Department in Texas. At least not that I have heard.

Detective Ralph “Smelly” Griffiths 

Career Highlights:

Attended Bone Corner Police Academy 2001:

Top of Class < Academy PT High Score

< Released from training before graduation (Rumored that Chief of Dallas-Dade Police wanted to recruit Griffiths before other cities could ‘snatch up a fine rookie’)

Dallas-Dade Police force 2001-20012:

< Redacted

< Redacted

< 2006: Assaulted partner by biting him in the neck; cleared by Internal Affairs Department

< Transferred to Scotland Yard after request from Interpol.

Scotland Yard/ Interpol Task Force: Nibbles and Bits:

< Bones are smuggled from Scotland to Ireland to track the ‘Big-Dog’. After a Scottish dog chokes on one of these smuggled bones, the task force is abolished. Swat Captain Griffiths is cleared by international courts and barred from Scotland till further notice.

< Before the trial is over, Griffiths is offered a job at Dallas-Dade Police Department. (Eyes Only: New program to enact a team to focus on animal crimes is in need of someone expendable in case the program fails.)

Animals cannot give a statement or even give a playback of events. This makes it hard to complete the legal red-tape needed to put the assailant behind bars. Detectives can only use evidence such as cuts, bruises, signs of malnutrition and neglect. Where Dallas County is concerned, cases were the responsibility of property crimes division. In other words, animals were seen as property same as jewelry, automobiles, televisions, and yard maintenance equipment. Image is public domain and from ccc20+minute clip that is also made it into public domain for some unknown reason. (


  1. One of my favorite retro television shows along with Patty Duke, Green Acres, and 12 O’clock high. ( or for schedule) The Painted Hills is the unverified last Lassie film according to and unproven material may be challenged and removed. (Happy Ending!! Completely decent URL!!!!


Nifty gift idea!!!

464646images77777imagesddd333 I was searching a popular classmate reuniting website I found a photo of my mother Becky when she went to North High School in Oil-dale, a suburb of Bakersfield California, in 1974. I wanted to save the picture for sentimental reasons. Actually I started out trying to gather photos to make a photo-blanket for my grandmother Rita. I was planning on ordering it from Wal-Mart for the holidays at I can fit up to 30 photos, so I am planning to put all of my grandmother’s grand-children, children, and great-grandchildren on the gift.

Copying the photograph of my mother presented itself as troublesome. But I managed to complete the task in 10 moves or less . It took some work to copy this photo. they want you to buy whole yearbook. So I clicked on’ tag’ at top-left of web-page. then it asked me to crop photo and identify. I slid the crop over face and then right-clicked and ‘select all’, then hit ‘copy;. I then ‘pasted’ on MS Word blank document page and then scrolled my mouse over portion and right-clicked again then clicked ‘save as picture”!!

If that doesn’t make sense:

1 Find the picture in the yearbook you want to save and click the ‘tag’ button on the top-left of web-page

2 When the box asks you to identify: Move the crop-box over to right picture area, right-click, click select all, then click ‘copy'(might be copy as background, etc.).

3 Go to Microsoft Word and open a new document click on the blank page, and then right-click again and click ‘paste’.

4 Now narrow what part of picture you actually want to save or don’t:

5 If you do decide to narrow the picture area: scroll over the area, when that area turns blue(or other color) right-click and click ‘save as picture’.

The black-and white photo is the one I am using for the blanket. You can probably think of more uses for this idea. Anyone who has a relative and they
< Historical research
< Family reminiscing
< Home and museum decor
< Or even placing in a time-capsule for future generations. It always gets my attention when someone digs up a relic from a century or longer ago. Especially when It pertains to the Wild-West. They dug up items that might have proven Jessie James was at a place and time different and later than believed by historians. At least that is the story the news told. It must take time to verify.imagesCA1XX9DU

Also Great for:          imagesCAG55NGTCapturetommight

Honoring returning veterans!!

Check it out!

There is a girl on family frienfly poetry website, goes ny the screenname Terra. She is looking for honest, quality criticism on her poetry in efforts of putting the best together for a chance at a creative academy scholarship. It is quaility work. It is timely, gutsy, and relatable. the critiques and scholarship will no doubt be the best 2 minutes you ever spent, Thank You!

Beatiful Turns Ugly: Ugly Never Got Last Say: Beauty Was Waiting For A Timely Entrance




88px-Gustave_Courbet_-_Young_Man_in_a_Landscape_(The_Guitarrero)_-_WGA5482120px-105couple-pic120px-Angry_mustache120px-Angry_woman120px-Chinon_CP_9_AF_BW_1I was browsing the internet for cameras. I am hopeful I might be able to swing a decent digital camera by ways of Christmas gifts. I was surprised but not blown away to see a Canon Eos 7D camera runs an estimated $1699 depending on where you look. This is not likely to be one I buy right now. So my photos will continue to be piggy-backed off of some public-domain website, and at best 720p hd quality barring an unforeseen event. These are only $150; I have noticed while playing shooter games on Playstation 3 that 720p is not too awful bad, at least not on a 60-inch LG. So, to the point!

This is a dramatization of something that has been happening to me:

(Couple, laying comfortably in bed)

Man: Honey, you know don’t you?(Obviously he knows she doesn’t and is looking for her attention.)

Woman: No, I don’t know, what?

Man: All of the times I treat you wrong, I don’t mean them. It is just, uh, uh, I; sometimes life gets stressful. I need a place to vent. I can’t do it at work, or I will get fired. The honest ugly truth is you are the only one who will put up with it, so I take it for granted that you will be a reliable trashcan for whatever ugly, sick feelings want to spew out. But it is because if I don’t express everything and if I did in public, I would have no avenue with which to make a living and support you. I definitely don’t want to kill myself and go to Hell. To sum it up, I either have to place that load on the only one who cares enough to carry the burden or risk loosing that very person. That doesn’t make it right… it is just the complicated way things work, and I’m sorry! Not a moment goes by I wish I could change my ways.

Woman: You want the truth? (Rhetorical; nobody wants the truth) I only married you to get away from home. You had the money, and I had nothing but good-looks and no self-esteem to go to college. I was in love with another guy who was destined to become nothing but a tired, old laborer. You know how I swore that our youngest child looks like you.. well..!! (Later) That is just the strange way things happen.


You want to do things the right way. You want to express your sincere emotions and intentions. But, nobody wants the truth. It is the best thing, but comes with a heavy load to bear. This is what people really want to hear, regardless of what actually happens.:

Man: Honey, I love you. I will never hurt you again. You are so perfect that I am moved inside to completely change the habits I have acquired for the last forty years. If you keep me around, I will give you the luxurious, romantic, stress-free life that only happens in the movies.

(Much later, man tells a joke)

Woman: He-He-He. You are so funny! You should write that down and send it in to the late shows on television.

Man: Uh-huh! I am funny, but you got the looks in this relationship!

It might be hard, but living a sin free life is possible. Why else would Jesus say it is possible? John 8:9-11: ” No Lord,” she said. And Jesus said, “Neither do I. Go and sin no more.”

John 5:14 Behold, thou art made whole: SIN NO MORE, lest a worse thing …

Now I have no idea how to stop sinning. More than likely, I will sin before I finish this sentence. But, I know it is possible. A favorite verse of my grandmother’s is Philippians 4:13: “I Can Do All Things Through Christ Who Strengthens Me”. In the King James Version it reads: I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth.(KJV) All of the versions say it loud and clear. But, for some reason, sometimes a truth can be obvious, and even blatant and not sink in till the millionth time you read it.

I read my Bible regularly. Sometimes I will read for an hour. One time, for 1-3 months, I read the scriptures for 3-4 hours a night. This was years ago. I have prayed to God and studied His word since I became a church member when I was twelve. I am now 29 and some of the scriptures are just starting to make sense. Things I have read a thousand times are just now making sense. Don’t get me wrong, this is not the first time I have been blessed with understanding. God has His own perfectly divine plan. So keep at it. Just because it seems like the obvious is taking forever; The scripture is less than obvious, has infinite layers, and can mean one thing in one instance, something completely different and still true later. It is always honest, loving, guiding, all-knowing, and the perfect mending device.

Salute Your Appendage





John-C_-Breckinridge-with-mustacheWhat Are They Up To Now?
By Dustin D. Poteet

Have you ever wondered where somebody has vanished? We all know what happens to celebrities in Hollywood, but do we know what happens to those iconic appendages that stole the spotlight? What about how they broke into the entertainment industry?
We all know Tom Selleck for his role as the power-wielding patriarch on a top police drama. But the mustache deserves the accolades. In 1925, Chuck Mustache was born in a municipal hospital in England to lacking parents. But this pitiable upbringing was no crutch to Mustache. At 14, he worked his way through theatrical academy as an air filter inside a Ford Model T in the Bays water area of London. At age 19, the popularity of these cars stopped and Chuck went into a year long depression.
The Mustache family was unable to convince their boy to reclaim his pursuits till at age 20 a kind benefactor gave a present of a plane ticket to Los Angeles in the United States. But movie careers are hard to come by in Hollywood. The grit that he developed from a year of pain gave him the ability to persevere. But the big break he was reaching for did not come for many years.
In 1932, Mr. Mustache finally landed a substantial role in Freaks. It is not sure whether or not these scenes were edited out as Rick Nasal was Chuck’s hairy stand-in! An attempt was made on his life by a rival actor. The assailant was never identified. The weapon was clearly a rusty straight razor. The toughie was released from the emergency room after receiving a tetanus shot. Fear of dying in a hospital kept him from ever visiting a hospital again, even after his romantic interest Frances Farmer was put in an asylum in 1943.
Things made a turn for the better when in 1954 he took a personal vacation to Detroit. His history in the automobile industry excited made him curious of Michigan’s advances. Most people think Mustache gave birth to Tom Selleck. But during this vacation, he donated his rough-and tumble personality to the newborn Selleck by means of a short romantic tryst with a woman named Martha.
In 1980, after combining efforts, both Mustache and Tom scored the leading role of Thomas Magnum. A feud concerning possibly naming the character Chuck Magnum was put to rest by way of a monetary settlement.
The rest is history. You have seen the power-team in blockbusters such as Coma, the Sacketts, and the TV drama Blue-Bloods. The only time they did not accompany one another on film was during the 2004 television movie Ike: Countdown to D-day.

Works Cited
Wikimedia Commons

Flying and Dying

As a first-time blogger, they kindly handed me the keys to my very own Mint- condition 2012 black- and-white blog. I ordered the candy paint but it got stripped in editing. But the view out the front window is magnificent. Forgive me for the manic-depressive attitude. I am trying to be hopeful.
As a aviation nut, my recent ponderings have not made me any less enthusiastic about one day becoming a novice pilot, but glad that writer’s dreams I pursue has left me too broke and without enough time to fly right now. I would have no problem with getting a book published and seeing it fly off the shelves. Okay! Not Funny? Well, it was worth a shot.
I am also an avid fan of all types of music: Country, Christian Rock, Aerosmith, Tupac, and also Chopin. I am not real familiar with the last one, but since I am a fan of Wild West movies and memorabilia, I noticed Doc Holiday knew enough about him to play a song or two in front of unrefined cowboys looking for any excuse to take a pot shot at the dying outlaw. The flying bullets managed to miss Doc for some time. If you follow me, I will get to my point.
In 1959 Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens, and Big Bopper die in a plane crash near Clear Lake, Iowa. Thirty-seven years later, Tupac Shakur, an icon of rap and an of ambassador the recreational ‘flying’ of illegal drugs, is gunned down in Las Vegas by means of a drive-by shooting. Whether iconic or ironic, disasters of a flying nature and history meet repeatedly. Is it a coincidence or something more? One thing is sure; this event is not inclusive of artists only.
John F. Kennedy Jr. flew his Piper Saratoga into the Atlantic Ocean near Martha’s Vineyard in 1999. Inheriting the good looks and political backbone followed the familial pedigree that is usually described as rich, debonair, and adoring. Again, these occurrences are not just in the Northern United States.
In 1991, the southern belle Reba Mc Entire lost her band members to a catastrophic chartered jet crash near San Diego California. She was not a passenger. Could there be a reason she survived? Maybe some divine plan, that months if not years before, caused her to make a habit of leaving on an alternate aircraft in order to spend more time with family between gigs.
The recent passing of the famed U.S born singer of Mexican heritage, perpetuating the point that this event can happen anytime anywhere to anyone, due to a plane crash in the Nuevo Leon region of Mexico gives us another sad variable. Sadly, we are no closer to figuring out for certain why this happens consistently. Maybe it does better not know, just remembering!
As a hopeful writer, I know I have anointed talent. But do I have the discipline to make it a sharpened skill? In the end it is up to the readers; the lovely readers. Is it desperate? It could be that way. Is it funny? If you don’t see any new blogs, you have your answer.
I try to keep a serious and sometimes humorous spin on my views. I try to keep out of politics as I am not very political. I apologize beforehand as the political views will be judgmental, left-wing, and probably hypocritical. While my views are liberal, I mostly lean this direction because I was raised in a Democratic home. I basically believe if we all work together we could all walk away with a piece of the pie; but I am ready for when this doesn’t happen.
I like to think of myself as the most interesting man in the world: I am not very political, but when I am, I am “Dos Democrat.” No need to say it. Not funny!

Doing Things The Hard Way

Doing things the hard way

I recently saw on television a report that women could make their hair better by rubbing vinegar in it. ( (
Is this doing things the hardest way possible or what?

On Rambo 3, Rambo got a major gash in the midst of bloodshed, flying bullets, and chaos. Now I would have looked for some way to make my day a little bit easier. Like anybody not born in a cave I learned of two things called rubbing alcohol and bandages. This is simple enough to pack into a hiking bag, camouflaged if you will. (>Movies>Rambo)
OKAY! So this wound might be crazy deep. I will give him that. But any battlefield medic will tell you they carry two things: (
And needles, Okay. I will give John the benefit of the doubt by saying no medic is going to follow him into war. But once again, these are fairly small. You are a finely trained green-beret, a one-man killing machine. I am sure you can find a way to:
But no, this maniac has to take a combat knife fit for skinning a wild Russian boar. Granted it is a necessity. By all means when the enemy attacks, cut that S.O.B.
If some terrorist bent on killing Americans crosses your path, (
Sneak up behind and CUT HIS D@MN THROAT!!! If you don’t and he crawls up in my back yard, in the words of John Rambo when he radios to Murdock, I’m coming to get you!! (
But the last thing you do is remove the bullet from the shell, pour the gun powder into the hole, and seer the wound with the combat knife you heated up.
What, were you toilet trained at gunpoint? If you were, I sincerely apologize!!
There is a reason they call it easy, because it is!! (
So unless you want to be all alone ladies,; Columnists) may I suggest soap, shampoo and water. ( (….navaldockyard/getting-there-around)
But there is
If you are looking for a way to heaven, you could try climbing all the way there. But there is no oxygen in space. At least there is not enough to support human life. (
You could go through NASA training and become an astronaut. (

But the furthest star in our own galaxy is an estimated 70,000 light-years away. Unless you are gonna live to be 1,000,000 years old, this will not work. (>Wiki Answers>Categories>Science>Astronomy)
Do you know the exact distance anyway? “ how high they (the stars) are!”
Job 22:12
God is spirit. Think about that! John 4:24: God is spirit, and his worshippers must worship in spiritand in truth.”
Here is the easy way. It is also the only way.

John 14: 6: Jesus answered, I am the way and the truth and the life: no man cometh uto the Father, but by me. (

A Day Short and A Dollar Late

When my brother and I were young we used to do the only thing kids could do in a dead-town with no trouble to get into: we played video games and watched movies. All of the free times made us contemplate just about any subject possible. We wanted to be fighter-pilots, at least I did. Top Gun was one of our favorites along with everybody else at the time. Mike Tyson Punch-out made a huge impression on my brain as I still remember playing it for hours on end.
The best of the brain-busting ideas we all came up with went something like this: Hey, I wish somebody would make a glove where you punch at the screen like a fighter instead of pressing A and B buttons repeatedly. Wouldn’t you know it, not long after this epiphany, Nintendo came out with the Power-Glove. Of course we were too poor to get one. When we did get a chance to try it, my hands were way too big to fit.
My big idea when I became a teenager was an apparatus that would take all of the excess controller cord and wind it up, making it available by pulling out however much needed at the time. Once again, the wireless game controllers hit the market. Do not get me wrong: this technology made my younger years bearable. Much to my embarrassment they still do.
This brings me to an important question. What would you do if God had come and gone and your plans to talk with Him and make amends was one day too late? Now, I am not trying to scare the wits out of you. But unlike my poor entrepreneurial record, this would be a real tragedy. I may never be a rich man. It seems like I am always a day late and a dollar short. This cliché has been used more times than the toilet at a pepper farm. But, it is true.
One thing I do have the luxury of enjoying is the salvation that Jesus shed His blood to give us. I may not be the richest, or for that matter the best looking man. At times it takes me two hours to watch 60 Minutes. I have been known to trip over my own shadow. But whatever grace I have was given to me from God. I cannot wait till the blessed day when I hear those three little words everyone dreams of: The check cleared! I’m joking. I’m joking! Well done servant! That is more like it! I just hope I can squeeze my buffet loving body through the pearly gates. I do not think it would be appreciated if I have to take several yards back, get a running start, and yell, “Move it or lose it Peter, I am coming in!!!”