Pulled From The Fire Daily Prompt: Burning Down The House

Being ‘On-Fire’ is only a good thing if you are Alicia Keys or Jim and John Harbaugh preparing for Super-Bowl wager of battle. “Somebody’s Burning Down The House” is only something you want to hear in reference to the 1983 Indie Rock hit by Talking Heads.

This was the year I was born and subsequently

I have no plans of dying soon, especially not in a fire. I would grab my most treasured things and then make a mad-dash for the door. That is after I make the worst combination of yelling and banging to make sure anybody else inside is aware of their impending doom.

There are 5 things I would grab.  As a dog-lover, you might think I would grab my dogs. While this might be true, saying so would end the story and they would run out the front door as soon as I opened it anyway. They might be the ones that opened it. But that is a funny story for later.

  1.   My Holy Bible

    My Holy Bible

    My Holy Bible

I got saved at my local Baptist Temple when I was 12 in 1996. As a gift my mother bought me my first Bible. I signed and dated the day I was baptized as well as saved. I had her sign it on the family page. She passed in 2002 7 months after my 18th birthday. Besides being irreplaceable for spiritual reasons, it carries an important time I could never get back.

My mom's writing her name in my Bible where she gave it to me as a gift

My mom’s writing her name in my Bible where she gave it to me as a gift

I have kept this gem by my bed and sometimes by my head for close to 17 years. It started out with ‘Holy Bible’ on the front and my name ‘Dustin Poteet’ directly below embossed in gold. Only traces of that remain as time and limitless use has caused wear and tear. But the words are still spotless on the inside, and not just the signature.

2. My Laptop

I do not hold much value on items of monetary value. But I greatly understand the ability such a thing gives me to try to express my art. At $480, it would be easily replaceable. But, it only weighs a small amount and I could grab it quicker than It takes to blink, seeing I am always on it researching new ways to make the same points.

3. Is it my television? It probably would be something else like my wallet.


My wallet has my Social-Security card. While this is not eminently important, my driver’s license is inside. The last thing I need after being burnt out of home is a traffic ticket for failure to produce a legal permit to drive.  It also helps to have identification and proof of ‘residency’ when applying for a loan to rebuild or purchase a new home.

4. and 5. are after further thought my dogs Bambi and Homer

bambiphone picHomer

While suffering from the first time of being left by a family to roam hopelessly, as for  name Homer, and a serious case of fear of abandonment he probably would not appreciate being abandoned again. Though, homeless would have a new meaning. Of course I have to snatch-up my dog Bambi who would be the first to throw a fit alerting a fire.

This is the list. After further thought it might turn out to be somewhat different. But the essential ranking of valuable things would stay the same. Although the order might change.

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How Do Writers Identiy Each Other Outside The Wire?


I have found one or two bloggers whose mind-frame is in the same orbit. I know their online identity. But this has made me think; How do writers identify one another in society? I do not mean this in a creepy stalker way. But when you have a social yet reclusive personality, you wonder, how am I going to head-nod a fellow artist If I don’t know who is who?

Maybe we should have a tagging system. Now I am not saying here’s my address, now come and stalk me while I am sleeping. I am thinking something more along the lines of the acid burnt tattoos of ‘Fight Club’. Anytime we are in the buffet line and see a common blogger, we can show off our tattoo like “Yeah! I’ve been to Write-Club too.”  Over-the-top? It might be.

Is this idea good for a laugh? It seems that way. Is it a good plan? No, not very likely. But seriously, the movie was not all that exhilarating itself either, was it?

With that being said, I guess we will all live in anonymity. That is, unless one of us ends up on Dr. Phil explaining how the psychoses began. Ha!

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Nothing’s Happening You Say? Daily Writing Prompt: Through The Window


I took a look out of my living-room window for one minute. Well, it may have been 10 seconds more. The reason I took a moment longer was the thought of all the interesting things you can see in a 60-70 seconds. It surprised me.

I do not make the habit of looking out my window at 9:30 at night. For one, my neighbors would think it creepy to see someone staring that direction after dark. But, the reason I looked in that direction is the fact that they are the ones who are usually staring at my house for long periods of time. Not to mention the man of the house fancies his self a cat-snatcher.

The only reason I would even let my cat out is due to it spraying the whole house with a foul odor the first time I tried to keep  it locked in all night. Of course there is no sight of the adamant wanderer. But the lights are on next door making me make sure no animal is getting trapped in a weird, makeshift-animal cage lined with smells to attract cats. Of course I only know this by legally ‘snooping’.

The opposite direction are locked-up houses with porch-lights on. In a small town like this people are all in bed early and awake even earlier. But, the skies show a reason to continue. Aircraft fill the airspace.

At any given time there is the area’s medical evacuation chopper, police-helicopters hovering oddly close to the jail, but not tonight. I am almost certain I am in the Fort Hood flight path after witnessing many camouflaged  helicopters flying that direction. One day, what I figure to be a Chinook flew right over my house at an estimated 450 feet above-ground-level. When you grow up seeing a disaster like 9-11, this might get one’s attention. It doesn’t help the nerves when the news is covered with stories of amateur pilots crashing once a week in a 4 county are. Many survive.

The fact that I live near a jail doesn’t bother me so I don’t spend much time looking that way. By the way, there was lights in the sky in towards that vicinity.

Just like a small town, many of the inmates are incarcerated for crimes like D.U.I. and domestic-disturbance. If any ‘Most-Wanted’ criminal slips out, not to bring up gun control, there is a 7 mile build-up of houses owned by stubborn, bored, Texas-raised gun-owners. With the jail and a major Interstate highway being the other direction, I wonder why I didn’t look to checkout the traffic?

To add to the boredom, there is a bird-bath in the front yard. It is tipping over, not for the recent windstorm, but of me not doing yard work since everything is in winter-dormancy.

You might ask why I am looking out the window this close to bedtime? I asked myself and came up with this answer: Good-Night, Vegas is on!

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Proof We Speak Different Languages! Weekly Writing Challenge:1,000 Words Take Two

Photo Courtesy of The Daily Post

Photo Courtesy of
The Daily Post

The eye never has enough of seeing,
nor the ear its fill of hearing.-Ecclesiastes 1:8(B) (biblegateway.com )

(Man, in his mind) “Love was so much easier when I was a kid. All I had to do was snatch five dollars out of my mom’s purse, pick up some Sweethearts at the candy store, and give them to my friend Ashley as we hung out in the tree-house on the abandoned pecan plantation.

Now, I had to borrow 5 thousand dollars from my father. No doubt he will not stop hounding me to pay it back at every single Sunday brunch. (Sigh) Ah..! She will never believe I am about to propose. I still can’t believe it is going to take me 28 payments of $39.95 to pay for the ‘ice-rink’ she claimed she had to have before she would ever get married. And what’s worse, I couldn’t have proposed in the park we live by now. Oh No!! I had to book 2 tickets to Ten-Buck-Two, make reservations at the Hilton hotel, and spend 3 days trekking the hard brick streets of a country that charges triple for a romantic dinner just because the napkins say ‘International Steak and Ale’ instead of just Steak and Ale.

Our waiter looked and sounded like the same guy back home. Because he said, ‘Would you like to try the wine?’ in a broken European accent, I was forced to play the hero and tip $100. I could swear those people on the other side of the street are my neighbors from two doors down. But I love her!

(Woman, also in head) Are you kidding me? I love him more than anything. What does it take to get a man to propose. He could have done it at the park. That way I could have called my family and they could have across town to see it. But no! I had to follow him half-way across the world. ‘Isn’t it going to be awesome, he says’. But I love him more than life itself!…

Should I tell him that is my parents and our neighbors the Williams’ across the street? What can I say? Don’t try to keep a secret and then write it all over face-space. Ha!

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Writing Prompt # 1: Write About A Calendar


If I created a calendar, it would look a lot like this. It would only have one page.  Every square inch would be filled with those things that are most important to me. The date would not be listed; We are given one day at a time.

It would not contain any images. We are constantly bombarded with news stories and web posts that remind us of every problem this world faces. If I need an image to remind me then I am seriously not living right. These images should be, and sometimes are, written on the pages of my heart.

I would not include any of those faults I have that I need to work on. If I only have today, I surely don’t need to waste it on my personality or how many friends I have on my face-space.

I would include GOD’S will and praying for Israel and Jerusalem. Once again, if I do not wake up with this in my focal-point, I pray for God’s forgiveness. There would be no list of sins I made that day, except maybe a friendly reminder to say:’ GOD forgive Me.’

Of course this is a dream that only exists in my imagination and sleep. If I could totally and completely follow HIS Will, then I would pass this calendar up altogether. In this ‘paradise’ every activity would take no time away from eternity. There would be work, but with a new body to do it. There would be fellowship with no hindrance of malice or guile.

Simply put, this all exists in the new kingdom that is prepared for us. Question is: If tomorrow does not make it, who will be in this heaven today. As I see it, If  we don’t use GOD’S grace and JESUS’ salvation to create paradise around us this day, It will never happen tomorrow.

Weekly Photo Challenge:Love

Me, Dustin and my grandmother Rita

Me, Dustin and my grandmother Rita.  Christmas 2008.

Love is when your cousins never call her, everybody ignores her on a daily basis, she sends everyone whatever they need even when begged not to, and I manage to stop blowing my time and money long enough to buy her a $15 necklace( I am maturing); All of this, and she is still happy to spend time with us. She loves us unconditionally like we were still young and clung to every word she said.

Questionable News

Loophole Syndication News

Fire fighters in the Town of Clay-born responded to a warehouse fire in the 200 block of Jackson Avenue 1:25 A.M. Saturday. The facility is currently being leased by Clean-Water Inc. Spokesperson for the company claims before the accident Clean produced 10,ooo bottles of filtered water a day. Jon Brown, the Chief of Tilton-Clay-born Fire Department provided this statement:

“The brave and dedicated rural-area firefighters were forced to watch the building burn while looking for the closest source to draw water.”

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