Reverse Engineering!

I drank meal supplement beverages while skipping meals. I worked-out 2 hours a day. I gained 50 pounds in 1 1/2 months. 90PX-N~1

I subtracted soda and sweets       I added exercise

I subtracted meals                       I added protein shakes(A.K.A ‘The Culprit’)

I lost a little fat                            I gained much muscle (Culprit 2)

My doctor mentioned there was no need to build excessive muscle if I was not an athlete.

Gym offered first shake free. I was hooked(not likely a coincidence). I was buying 1 per day at $4.50/shake.

I added weight(Nooo….)                I subtracted $80 or more in a month.                                                Not to mention gym membership, gear

I added the shame of failure          (If one good thing came out of it)

I learned a good lesson about the nature of gym management.



Copyright  © Dustin Poteet


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