LastLoophole Playstation 3 Video Game Bunch(3) Drawing

is  Do you like Call of Duty: Black Ops 1, Modern Warfare 2 and 3, HAWX 2. Pick 3 and put your picks and why in the comment box . We will link the comments to new email addresses and use the email to obtain mailing address of the winner(That way I can find out mailing address if you win without sharing with the whole world). Then simply click on the Subscribe by email button and subscribe to the Last Loophole Free blog.  Drawing will be February 9. Just in time for you to receive the prize before Valentines Day. Last Loophole only has 69 views as of 1/18/2013. This makes your odds is4roughly 1/100.  Games are pre-owned and in mint condition. Theis55 previous owner would go as far as washing his hands before even touching the discs. That makes for a good topic: how far would you go to keep your video games and DVD collection in spotless conditions.

In the event of disaster prize may be substituted and As- Is. This is just something we have to say legally. Prizes are locked up tight! By entering the drawing you waive any right to legal discourse. But if it helps the comments section is always open, so we are not looking to make people mad. Have Fun! Thank You!


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