Face e book 30 A Honky-Tonk Waste of Time?



First of all, I had to mangle the name to keep from getting a cease and assist letter. I think it is pretty clear which website I am referring to. Second, I only have 30 loyal followers reading my posts. This is a fortunate circumstance for the other 59999999.70 percent of humans not forced to sit and read the mindless dribble filled with junior high humor and sophomoric reminiscing.

I have learned one thing reading through a limitless assortment of entertaining posts. They all basically say the same thing: I am bored! Somebody said this was the way I am supposed to spend my spare time. Now I am way too addicted to that little ‘App’ button to resist seeing what off-the-wall story this guy I know posted.
In the 90’s America spent hour after hour watching the cliffhanger scenes of Melrose Place. Teens watched 90210. This was a waste of time, but, at least they had a point with a beginning, middle, and an end. What would myself in my preteens said If someone came up and swore up-and-down we would all be stuck to a screen filled with everybody’s photos and play-by-play updates of their agenda?
I grew up in a small country town, but I still somehow managed to kill time with things such as exercise, and fresh air. How many times have you heard your parents bring up the latter after they saw you attempting your third hour of ringtone searching, gossip sifting, and half-correct spelling of simple words like u and 2. Aint dat sumting? What u waitn 4? Lol! If you can read that, I apologize.
If your significant other has ever sent you a ‘instant message, antiquated term replaced with ‘twirp’ or ‘twoot’, and you mistook the uppercase letters for attitude, YOU MIGHT BE ADDICTED!
If you have ever phoned the living room from the bedroom, like my cousin, and asked for someone to bring you something to eat, You might be addicted!
If you have ever been asked a question person to imagesvvvvperson and waited for the inbox ‘beep’ sound on your phone to signal so you can answer, You might be addicted!
Society used to ridicule the workers at every hamburger joint that had to look for the matching key with picture of burger; I once was told I could super-size my meal for free for 89 cents, the employee was straight-faced and completely sincere as if there was nothing wrong with the offer; But, look what we have become accustomed to doing now. No explanation needed! The over-mentioned cow has made its point loud and clear.
Technology has its helpful side. Many pages have been set-up to honor fallen heroes, raise money for the sick, and bring our attention to the next political move about to hoodwink us all; My favorite is spreading the Gospel to those who are curious and searching. But I personally like to keep all of this information in context; Just another way to enjoy free time, communicate in common form, and brag about the newest gadget and all of its bells and whistles.

The internet has only increased the useless knowledge consisting of every lyric to every sad Country, Rap, Rock, and Pop song rolling around in my head. The devil may have went down to Georgia, but, remember it was Johnny that won! Ha! Yes, I do have 99 problems. If I finish that line in the company of the many women in my family I will definitely be handed one more. Ha! Actually they would probably laugh because they know me: It is when I am quiet when I am really thinking something rude.


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