Ruff Justice


Ruff Justice:

A.V.U.: Animal Victims Unit By Dustin D. Poteet

In early December 2012, Dallas County Commissioners Court approved a special unit that will investigate animal cruelty cases. Putting together animal crime units is a growing national trend. A not-for-profit charity is raising money for this unit now that it has the go-ahead. It will take an estimated $200,000 for the first year of complicated cases. Safer Dallas Better Dallas has donated their efforts to raise this amount of money. The Dallas County commissioner and her husband have already thrown $40,000 into the pot. ( To give visit:

There have been many cases that drove the idea of a special unit into actually going into effect. In some counties cases are randomly placed on the prosecutor’s case list. In other towns some have been placed to specific investigators for a time, but are now placed at random. I will talk about this some later.

Of course, I had to put a light-hearted spin on a very serious issue. I apologize beforehand as this is fictional and is to be treated as such. All of these details ahead are fictional composite of actual events. No real names are used, i.e, there is not an actual Dallas-Dade Police Department in Texas. At least not that I have heard.

Detective Ralph “Smelly” Griffiths 

Career Highlights:

Attended Bone Corner Police Academy 2001:

Top of Class < Academy PT High Score

< Released from training before graduation (Rumored that Chief of Dallas-Dade Police wanted to recruit Griffiths before other cities could ‘snatch up a fine rookie’)

Dallas-Dade Police force 2001-20012:

< Redacted

< Redacted

< 2006: Assaulted partner by biting him in the neck; cleared by Internal Affairs Department

< Transferred to Scotland Yard after request from Interpol.

Scotland Yard/ Interpol Task Force: Nibbles and Bits:

< Bones are smuggled from Scotland to Ireland to track the ‘Big-Dog’. After a Scottish dog chokes on one of these smuggled bones, the task force is abolished. Swat Captain Griffiths is cleared by international courts and barred from Scotland till further notice.

< Before the trial is over, Griffiths is offered a job at Dallas-Dade Police Department. (Eyes Only: New program to enact a team to focus on animal crimes is in need of someone expendable in case the program fails.)

Animals cannot give a statement or even give a playback of events. This makes it hard to complete the legal red-tape needed to put the assailant behind bars. Detectives can only use evidence such as cuts, bruises, signs of malnutrition and neglect. Where Dallas County is concerned, cases were the responsibility of property crimes division. In other words, animals were seen as property same as jewelry, automobiles, televisions, and yard maintenance equipment. Image is public domain and from ccc20+minute clip that is also made it into public domain for some unknown reason. (


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