Nifty gift idea!!!

464646images77777imagesddd333 I was searching a popular classmate reuniting website I found a photo of my mother Becky when she went to North High School in Oil-dale, a suburb of Bakersfield California, in 1974. I wanted to save the picture for sentimental reasons. Actually I started out trying to gather photos to make a photo-blanket for my grandmother Rita. I was planning on ordering it from Wal-Mart for the holidays at I can fit up to 30 photos, so I am planning to put all of my grandmother’s grand-children, children, and great-grandchildren on the gift.

Copying the photograph of my mother presented itself as troublesome. But I managed to complete the task in 10 moves or less . It took some work to copy this photo. they want you to buy whole yearbook. So I clicked on’ tag’ at top-left of web-page. then it asked me to crop photo and identify. I slid the crop over face and then right-clicked and ‘select all’, then hit ‘copy;. I then ‘pasted’ on MS Word blank document page and then scrolled my mouse over portion and right-clicked again then clicked ‘save as picture”!!

If that doesn’t make sense:

1 Find the picture in the yearbook you want to save and click the ‘tag’ button on the top-left of web-page

2 When the box asks you to identify: Move the crop-box over to right picture area, right-click, click select all, then click ‘copy'(might be copy as background, etc.).

3 Go to Microsoft Word and open a new document click on the blank page, and then right-click again and click ‘paste’.

4 Now narrow what part of picture you actually want to save or don’t:

5 If you do decide to narrow the picture area: scroll over the area, when that area turns blue(or other color) right-click and click ‘save as picture’.

The black-and white photo is the one I am using for the blanket. You can probably think of more uses for this idea. Anyone who has a relative and they
< Historical research
< Family reminiscing
< Home and museum decor
< Or even placing in a time-capsule for future generations. It always gets my attention when someone digs up a relic from a century or longer ago. Especially when It pertains to the Wild-West. They dug up items that might have proven Jessie James was at a place and time different and later than believed by historians. At least that is the story the news told. It must take time to verify.imagesCA1XX9DU

Also Great for:          imagesCAG55NGTCapturetommight

Honoring returning veterans!!


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