Flying and Dying

As a first-time blogger, they kindly handed me the keys to my very own Mint- condition 2012 black- and-white blog. I ordered the candy paint but it got stripped in editing. But the view out the front window is magnificent. Forgive me for the manic-depressive attitude. I am trying to be hopeful.
As a aviation nut, my recent ponderings have not made me any less enthusiastic about one day becoming a novice pilot, but glad that writer’s dreams I pursue has left me too broke and without enough time to fly right now. I would have no problem with getting a book published and seeing it fly off the shelves. Okay! Not Funny? Well, it was worth a shot.
I am also an avid fan of all types of music: Country, Christian Rock, Aerosmith, Tupac, and also Chopin. I am not real familiar with the last one, but since I am a fan of Wild West movies and memorabilia, I noticed Doc Holiday knew enough about him to play a song or two in front of unrefined cowboys looking for any excuse to take a pot shot at the dying outlaw. The flying bullets managed to miss Doc for some time. If you follow me, I will get to my point.
In 1959 Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens, and Big Bopper die in a plane crash near Clear Lake, Iowa. Thirty-seven years later, Tupac Shakur, an icon of rap and an of ambassador the recreational ‘flying’ of illegal drugs, is gunned down in Las Vegas by means of a drive-by shooting. Whether iconic or ironic, disasters of a flying nature and history meet repeatedly. Is it a coincidence or something more? One thing is sure; this event is not inclusive of artists only.
John F. Kennedy Jr. flew his Piper Saratoga into the Atlantic Ocean near Martha’s Vineyard in 1999. Inheriting the good looks and political backbone followed the familial pedigree that is usually described as rich, debonair, and adoring. Again, these occurrences are not just in the Northern United States.
In 1991, the southern belle Reba Mc Entire lost her band members to a catastrophic chartered jet crash near San Diego California. She was not a passenger. Could there be a reason she survived? Maybe some divine plan, that months if not years before, caused her to make a habit of leaving on an alternate aircraft in order to spend more time with family between gigs.
The recent passing of the famed U.S born singer of Mexican heritage, perpetuating the point that this event can happen anytime anywhere to anyone, due to a plane crash in the Nuevo Leon region of Mexico gives us another sad variable. Sadly, we are no closer to figuring out for certain why this happens consistently. Maybe it does better not know, just remembering!
As a hopeful writer, I know I have anointed talent. But do I have the discipline to make it a sharpened skill? In the end it is up to the readers; the lovely readers. Is it desperate? It could be that way. Is it funny? If you don’t see any new blogs, you have your answer.
I try to keep a serious and sometimes humorous spin on my views. I try to keep out of politics as I am not very political. I apologize beforehand as the political views will be judgmental, left-wing, and probably hypocritical. While my views are liberal, I mostly lean this direction because I was raised in a Democratic home. I basically believe if we all work together we could all walk away with a piece of the pie; but I am ready for when this doesn’t happen.
I like to think of myself as the most interesting man in the world: I am not very political, but when I am, I am “Dos Democrat.” No need to say it. Not funny!


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