A Day Short and A Dollar Late

When my brother and I were young we used to do the only thing kids could do in a dead-town with no trouble to get into: we played video games and watched movies. All of the free times made us contemplate just about any subject possible. We wanted to be fighter-pilots, at least I did. Top Gun was one of our favorites along with everybody else at the time. Mike Tyson Punch-out made a huge impression on my brain as I still remember playing it for hours on end.
The best of the brain-busting ideas we all came up with went something like this: Hey, I wish somebody would make a glove where you punch at the screen like a fighter instead of pressing A and B buttons repeatedly. Wouldn’t you know it, not long after this epiphany, Nintendo came out with the Power-Glove. Of course we were too poor to get one. When we did get a chance to try it, my hands were way too big to fit.
My big idea when I became a teenager was an apparatus that would take all of the excess controller cord and wind it up, making it available by pulling out however much needed at the time. Once again, the wireless game controllers hit the market. Do not get me wrong: this technology made my younger years bearable. Much to my embarrassment they still do.
This brings me to an important question. What would you do if God had come and gone and your plans to talk with Him and make amends was one day too late? Now, I am not trying to scare the wits out of you. But unlike my poor entrepreneurial record, this would be a real tragedy. I may never be a rich man. It seems like I am always a day late and a dollar short. This cliché has been used more times than the toilet at a pepper farm. But, it is true.
One thing I do have the luxury of enjoying is the salvation that Jesus shed His blood to give us. I may not be the richest, or for that matter the best looking man. At times it takes me two hours to watch 60 Minutes. I have been known to trip over my own shadow. But whatever grace I have was given to me from God. I cannot wait till the blessed day when I hear those three little words everyone dreams of: The check cleared! I’m joking. I’m joking! Well done servant! That is more like it! I just hope I can squeeze my buffet loving body through the pearly gates. I do not think it would be appreciated if I have to take several yards back, get a running start, and yell, “Move it or lose it Peter, I am coming in!!!”


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